Saturday, August 18, 2018

Rust, week 1.

I've started looking at Rust again. I had a quick try of rust about 18 months ago when I was looking at modern alternatives to C++. At that time I learned a bit of Rust and also some Go. Both languages impressed me but to be honest I liked the feel of Go more... mainly because it was simpler to learn.

Time has passed and my mind has wondered back to Rust. This page is a scrap book of thoughts about Rust during my first week back.

Things I like about Rust...

  • Built-in a build system (cargo)
  • Immutable by default
  • Explicit data ownership semantics
  • Built-in documentation about the language and compiler errors
  • Sensible type inference
  • External module dependency versioning makes sense
  • No implicit bool conversion
  • Descriptive error reporting
  • Tuples !

Things I'm not sure about... note I'm not saying these things are bad... just that I'm unconvinced at this point
  • Allowing variable type changes via shadowing
Progress reading 'The Rust Book' - 6.1 Defining an enum.

Documentation is good and the community seem pretty tight and to know what they are doing. I've also watched a fair few Rust talks on YouTube now, which are easy to find. So go watch them !

More next week.


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