Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Windows UI Fail... Setting a New Password

I turned on my work PC this morning to be greeted with the 'Your password has expired, please enter a new one...' screen. OK, hit enter to be taken to a new screen with three text entry boxes. The top one labeled 'old password' was already filled out for me - good. The next two were labeled 'new password' and 'confirm new password' or something very similar... I can't remember verbatim.

The text entry cursor was already set to the 'new password' box so I typed in my new password and hit enter...

'ERROR: Passwords Don't Match'

Of course they don't match - I've only entered one you stupid machine. OK, press enter to try again. This time my old password was not filled out for me for some reason, so I entered my old password but this time, using my experience of how stupid computer UI's can be, rather than hit enter to complete my old password I pressed tab... this took me to the next text entry box... new password.... tab... new password again... then enter.... ah, now it's finally accepted it.

So what's the lesson here ? How on earth are new users meant to know that you need to press TAB to move to the next text entry box, and that if they do hit ENTER instead... as they do all the time... Windows will throw an error back into your face.

Gah, are UI designers still so clueless as to let this happen after all these years ??? So annoying and yet so easy to fix.

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