Monday, July 30, 2018

Jult 2018 Update

Aah, here I am again... trying to kick-start this blog into shape. The plan of course is to write in here more often and actually include some stuff that I'm doing or mooching about with.

So here goes... again...

My latest hobby stuff is writing a stochastic path tracer, which is a kind of ray tracer. It 's all the fault of Peter Shirley and his 'Ray Tracing in A Weekend' books on Kindle, which are a decent little kick-start into the topic. My weapon of choice for doing my own version of a path tracer is Qt on Linux... which should give a lot of options for platform and capabilities. It's going OK so far - in the limited time I give it - but I'm still partial to over-engineering various non-critical parts of the code.

Although I'm aware of it at least this time, I'm still letting myself do a bit of faffing, just because why not... it's all good practice writing code I've not necessarily done before in any sort of anger. The upshot of the work so far is a simple JSON scene description importer and a ppm file exporter. No actual path tracing yet of course... that will come soon... honest.

I quite like Qt so far - pretty simple and at least it's not going to go pop when some vendor decides to pull the plug - I'm looking at you Objective-C Cocoa. Take a look on my github for blow by blow details. Hopefully I'll have a bit of time this week and maybe some pictures to share on my next update.

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