Saturday, May 26, 2018

Personal Computer World Issue 1 February 1978

A few years ago I inherited a couple of binders full of old computer magazines from my father-in-law. He was a radio HAM and was a keen computer enthusiast back in his day. What I found inside the binders were the first 20 issues of the UK computing magazine Personal Computer World... in mint condition.

In an effort to save these magazines from the ravages of time I'm going to scan them in and put them on here. This first post contains issue 1 from February 1978. If anyone finds this useful and would like me to scan the rest of them in please get in touch... from what I can tell this stuff isn't available anywhere else on the internet. My aim here isn't to abuse copyright or annoy anyone who was involved in the magazine... I'm putting this stuff here because it is important historical documentation about the birth of home computing. If anyone has any copyright issues please get in touch.



  1. This is awesome -- though I wish it was a pdf file for easy saving/browsing. Have you scanned any more? I would love to get all of the ones you have. I still don't see any of them on the web. I've been scanning any old computer mags I can find that aren't already available, and putting them on Perhaps you can do the same with your PCW's. The vintage computer community would be eternally grateful.

  2. Yes, this would be awesome!!! If you cannot manage it, perhaps we could organize some kind of a distributed scanning project :-) - there are no (that I know of) archives electronic versions of PCW available on the net...

  3. Please, please please, scan some more this is the missing archive that really needs to be saved.

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