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Go - day 1

Day 1 of learning the Go language - or 'golang' to you. First step after a quick browse of the website is to buy 'The Go Programming Languge' book. Normally I'd try to get some decent learning material from the internet before buying a book, but this book has Ken Thompson on the credits, and he's one of the guys who invented Unix, so it's going to be good book. Second step is to install Go on my laptop - took about 2 mins - details on the golang website. All working now so time to start going through the book... So, after a little reading, typing, tutorialing and learning here's what I like about Go: 1) Layout matters. Like Python, Go specifies layout as part of the language. I like this. It stops the eternal 'style' wars and it forces consistency in how code looks. 2) It's syntax is quite expressive - I think that's the correct word. Things like for loops can be quite terse and yet still easy to parse. 3) It seems to have cen