Thursday, September 23, 2010

iRacing to iMovie - the process. #iracing

After much faffing and trial and error i've finally got my iRacing exploits in to iMovie. Now its working I thought I would share the solution with you all. First off, you need to buy Fraps to actually create the video file. Fraps video files cannot be read by OSX so first you need to use 'Any Video Converter' on Windows to convert the Fraps file into XVid. once you have your xvid file you need to reboot into OSX. In osx you need to download the 'Perian' quicktime codec. Once xvid is working on osx open the video file with Quicktime and choose to export the file. I export the file and 720HD since that is the resolution I capture at. Once quicktime has converted the file you can import it into iMovie.

The journey through these codecs seems to boost the brightness of the video a bit, so get iMovie to reduce the brightness by 25%. Now you shoud have a good starting point for your iRacing video masterpiece.

If yiu need more details or have any questions please put a comment below 8).

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