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iRacing release Brands

Brands Hatch is now out for iRacing. I'm very tempted to buy this tonight, but I've been spending a bit too much cash on iRacing lately.... think I'll delay the purchase until there is a race I need to run which uses it - probably the next Team UK event 8).

Road Atlanta Skippies

Great fun race. Qualified 6th out of 14. Off track on first corner then managed to finish 6th. Well off winning pace but confident I can pull the time in with better lines and a touch of tuning. Really starting to get a feel for the Skip Barbers now.

Don't drink and drive folks...

Made a complete tit of myself last night when I had a go of the midnight SRF race at Watkins. Started 4th in a grid of 12 or so. Entered the chicane on lap 1 in 3rd, ran wide and ended up taking 2 people out. Something to do with being a bit drunk methinks. Never doing that again. From now on iRacing is a zero booze activity.

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